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Track Name: Shattering
SHATTERING - You come around, come around let’s fall, you come around I can swear I’ve seen it all and you could burn all the bodies in hell and never once make it up to me, and you could spare me the silence you sell and never not be a burden, I can’t believe that you’re folding, why can’t you see what you’re causing and it doesn’t matter that the walls are shattering all in, I can’t believe that your faults win, why can’t you see that you’re crawling and it doesn’t matter, all the walls are shattering, this is my one calling, for most of your life, you come around, come around again, I held you off until you begged with force and you take it and break it apart, you hold yourself up high again, it’s over now, I’ve said that before but you’re taking it wrong and making it feel like a burden…she whispered loud in his ear, I burned out, the wind took you far, now my heart beats outside, you were my everyone once, for what it’s worth, I let it go, so this is my one calling
Track Name: The Prisoner
What a mess she said you were, she thought of self control as a crutch, not essential, you fly like you fall, it’s too dark to notice you’re gone, I’m a traitor and you are my company, if this is what you meant, I’m insulted, behind assaulted scenes, I could swear you’d wait for me, if I was a ransom, you’d be what pays it, if I was the coldest cell, you’d be the prisoner, don’t close your eyes, I’m in the midst of sight and I never will be the one you keep sidelined, never seen you looks so much brighter, you can doubt the form that’s inside of me, choke, you’re the victim, don’t trust your eyes, you’re certain to believe in something you can’t see…if I had emotion you’d be so taken, if I wasn’t cold as hell, you’d be the prisoner and if we must we will adjust and make up stories we can tell, here you are, do you need an invite again, I’m blessed to know you are too loud again, don’t close your eyes now, pride attacks and it regains that trap and the clouds say you can hang from them, pull it down, pull it from my cuts, lets paint ourselves
Track Name: Lost & Found
LOST & FOUND - This is where it comes down, this is where we lay, this is where we lay, this is where the past comes back to haunt me, I will let the flies out, I will make you scream, I won’t let the shape shift right back to me, if all we know has never felt so lost and found, if we walk we could try just to fool the sunrise, I swear I was fooled by the look, by the shape of your eyes, so burned out, just let me fall, I could never say the words at all, I’m lost, you are found and I thought you could carry us, this is where I crumble, this is where I lead, this is where the shape shifts right back to me, if all you want is to be always mine, if that’s all you meant, you never said it aloud…free yourself from the fight here then let it go
Track Name: Open Road
OPEN ROAD - You’re a little soul, you can build a monster up inside of me and let it go and let it fill the purpose that you saw in my, when I saw her, she was slowly turning, in my head for some time now, and what if your make believe is what will make your heart stop and what if you fall asleep and never wake up, take me on the open road, I don’t know where it ends or where it goes, just try not to fight it, so take me down the open, tell me love and how you know, just try not to hide it, you’re a little fake, you can’t kill the monster that you didn’t make, if I could take you away, I could be the purpose that you couldn’t shake, what I saw and heard has been slowly turning in my head for some time now, it’s just a little fate, a new place for your confidence, I never knew it was living here, these memories, they set me free, there’s no place to hide on the open road
Track Name: Kiss the Flag: The Wounded
KISS THE FLAG: THE WOUNDED - God make the weak so they’d assemble, then let them bleed out their own little words, I know all there is about you and I don’t care how you manage, cuz I will be there when the reason dies, you will be the one that holds me back, we will be there when they need our lives, don’t you cry, cuz I know if there’s gonna pain then let it be some day, I know you’ll never feel the same way, the rain comes down, the anthem’s sung and we both walk wounded, but you barely heard right now I’m barely breathing, I wanted it, I want it all, I want it now, I needed it, I need it all, I need it now…if I hold on tonight, the sun will shine like when you were mine, my whole world, I’m barely breathing so just hold your fire
Track Name: Body
BODY - You could make the moment surrender, you could make mistakes that defend hurt and pass her by, I’m still locked in fate, nothings ever changed, you try to take it backwards and you can make it up if you make it loud, my body burns bright, burns so bright and you can hit the floor, you were brave, brave once more and I held my breath, my one line just brings you back, there’s a time to talk and time to hush, you can take whats old and you can make it repent, you must be heaven sent when I am cold, just tell me where it hurts, you look so right, you battled for the brighter side, you’re right, you battle for the brighter side, you saw the light, you battle for the quiet side, your denial beats my focus, it bleeds out fortune, your denial keeps you tortured…I held my breath
Track Name: The Kill Plan
THE KILL PLAN - The setting sun feels like a cage, like a cage that burns, I’m sitting stunned just like a lesson, I never learned, made of emotions and mistakes, and what you say leaves me lost and in the way, and that's the place you stay, remember silence, as fast as you push, you stall, this is the face that you wore, and now I can live again, and the position you hold, is to lie again, break free my arms, hold me hard or let me go, take me alive, don't let me defend the kill plan, there's a reason that you're weak, your eyes are cold and dry, now we're painted into corners, so we can watch the world get sold out, I can't be what you want now, it's like the blind are leading the tame, I can save your place in the fire, so we both end up the same…this is the story, of a person you know, this is the hate that's perfectly woven, this is a story, of someone like you, this is the past life, you always knew, out getting over it, as fast you push, you stall, hold me closer don't let the sun in cuz the setting sun feels like a cage, don't let me defend the kill plan
Track Name: My New Wires
MY NEW WIRES - I said I’m sorry for what I did, does it make you cry oh no, why don’t you reach a little further and through the pieces I don’t need, I am ashamed that you could once see me without the parts that make me real, now this is my proof and you don’t need to see, violate me now and drag me screaming, my new wires are so frail, they could be the death of me out by the stormy waters, do you think you could cry out, do you think you could right now, you’ll be the death of me now, why don’t you reach a littler further cuz you’r giving up when I want it all and there’s a place where our past resides but it’s colder than it looks, it’s older than you thought, cuz I’m set on reason and weak eyes, you’re set on force, we’re on the same course, we’re starting strong but we’re starting lost…it’s a burden to cover that hole where your hope endured, it’s gonna take so long, just cut the cord and nothing more
Track Name: Shallows
SHALLOWS - Come watch me from inside, you won’t get by with that whimper, might shed some tears, but you’ll never find the answer after all these years, you’re back and forth and you can follow the course, you can dive, you can crawl, you can make it worse, you can follow your pain, you can follow your path, your hearts a mess and it keeps faulty time, you could erode here in my own arms, does it hurt so bad you gotta tear me up, if it hurts so bad why do you care at all, cuz I will burn, I’ll be remembered at my worst and they will say you were always in the way, there’s a place for your problems, the ones you made, I was never one to worry if you had given cuz I was born to be in the shallows, I was pouring out my soul into a place that you should never go, I am the place you should never go cuz you will erode in my own arms, I was born to be in the shallows so come watch me from inside
Track Name: Just Wrong
JUST WRONG - When we were shimmering we thought that holding wasn’t everything if we lost ourselves and heaven, these simple reasons are drowning us with land in site, I’m gone and so the melody’s over, may you never forget, this is just wrong, it’s never been, ever been higher than you are, you stole so much, you bend to break it, my subtle hold, is so much, you’re isolated and my hold has never been still, I’m tripping on all that you said, I’ve got it all inside and I held it up until you came in, when your eyes, my hold world crashes, you watch it burn and get high on the ashes
Track Name: Like A Bird
LIKE A BIRD - She had released all of her faith, she made the worst of the words I’d spoken, the only time that she felt safe was razed marked, but that brings a certain kind of pain, the kind that you won’t feel right away, if I could believe your nevers, I’d tell myself you’re alive, if I could reach your cloud I would fall and do it right into the sky, like a bird, I’ll break in just a little light, I’ll break it right into your will to survive, survive my own ways, I wouldn’t have it any other way, you never wanted it, no not at all, I never wanted you hear anyway, but I held my breath and I watched you fade, I watched you slip away, right out of sight…I could be the one that understood, life’s mystery fade out and it never felt so good
Track Name: Remarkable Lies (Your Cover's Blown)
REMARKABLE LIES (YOUR COVER’S BLOWN) - This love, you never warned me, my heart is shattering, it won’t be yours for long, if I could fill your soul I’d make it float cuz it’s going nowhere, if I could tell myself it’s different when you’re not around, if I believe your ghosts I’d make them out to be gone forever but I believe they won’t believe you, won’t believe you anyway, this love it wasn’t yours until you bring back the times when we were young, bring back the calm before the storm, take back the things you said, they were remarkable lies, I’ll steal the thoughts right from your eyes, you’ll carry on, weak and survived…You can't take back the times when you were wrong, take back the times when you were gone, bring back the things you said, they were remarkable lies and you only have yourself to blame, until I break you out of this, are you listening, cause your cover's blown, until I break your heart again, are you listening, cause your cover's blown, and you're still not the one who will erase my soul
Track Name: Gone
GONE - I saw exactly who you were and I saw a disaster, a future come undone, if we even had one, I saw you there you were bleeding and it was so misleading, before I say goodbye I could tell you wouldn’t wonder why, why you wanna make it up just to make it gone, why you wanna be so connected to so many faults, she used to love the way I turned a phrase, she turned the page and why you wanna get it all under setting sun, why you wanna be so addicted to what you lost and what it cost, you turned around and I was gone, and I wouldn’t deceive you and you can believe that cuz the world keeps spinning like it did before you were born, do you ever shake, ever hate, ever fall, I could catch you, that’s all….and where did we go wrong I felt the darkness for so long and where did we go wrong, I guess the darkness wasn’t mine, it was yours, but could you fight it, fight it for me?