State By State EP

by Parabelle

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released November 8, 2016



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Parabelle Ontario

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Track Name: Idaho (Once)
Idaho (Once) - If I could change all your focus, I’d be sold in your eyes and I hoped you’d be fine, you never stopped having answers, you always sounded certain when you said

I was lost in you once, I was calm here once, I always thought you were all I could ever desire and I was fortunate once I said I’d tell you once if you’re not gonna leave you could stay here a while

if I could find a new purpose, I’d get caught here the most when your faults aren’t repaired, I’d stay up till it’s morning and I’d be fighting for air when you said

and I wouldn’t wait so long, cuz I’ve waited too long
Track Name: Washington (Fallout)
Washington (Fallout) - there’s more of you to be denied, there’s more to be devoured there’s many spots to run and hide in yourself, your memories are cradled, they’re always lost in time, there’s part of me that’s fractured and there’s part of me that’s still divine

now there’s a cool long way to run and I see an exiting waiting for us, if there’s a way it can be done, we’ll cover up and feel the fallout

hold back, there’s part of me that’s open, the part that can’t decide, never wanted all the mistakes, never wanted that old divide

breath easy for me, if I could see the light side, I’ll never want to go back to where the dark if I could feel the light side, I’ll never want to go back to where the dark resides
Track Name: Oregon (Freedom)
Oregon (Freedom) - if you’re caught you’re a lost cause somewhere, I look around but I still can’t see you there, a method act that is going nowhere fast and you might agree with that, I could light a candle, if you try once then try again

because freedom rings a thousand times but it still won’t try to carry you with broken wings and now freedom spins a thousand minds, but it still won’t try to carry you with broken wings

are you here and in the mood for structure from a past that can only bring you fear, you can’t tell but I’m the last one standing here and I’m the wrong one to ask direction, you’re the one who would pass all the advice, if you wait I will make it easy but why do you keep making a mess
Track Name: California (Jenna's Song)
California (Jenna’s Song) - I need a reason from you You could trade for me if you want to for an angel cuz all that's left in my veins is just empty venom Are you saying there's no leeway? Cuz your faults, they leave me terrified

I'm emotive, I'm a half a world away. I wish you were here, maybe more than ever cuz yesterday is gone and this side of the ocean, is just a half a world away I want you to stay, just for me, cuz yesterday is gone

I need her late in life, it needs to last past some day I need that, maybe more than ever. We never could outrun this, it's colder than us both Would you save her, if I asked you?

Overwhelmed? I'm overwhelmed by you, do you feel that too?
And when the morning comes, it won't turn around, even if I beg you.
Track Name: Nevada (Lights)
Nevada (Lights) - I could be your modern hero, you can be relief from lines so blurred in white are you mad at the monster or me, I can feel your arms around me, holding tighter than I know your heart can take, move over and let it break, I can hear you more when you’re not around but it’s a taller tale than you could tell

burned lights burn so bright, this is where we jump off these bright lights burn my eyes you better make the most of your time, it lies, it fights as it goes and this is where we jump off, these bursts send all these white little lies right between your eyes

can you see the fire flicker, can you read between the lines so blurred in white, this goes by much quicker, if I make the siren sound right it will blast the smile off those pearly whites, it brings out the sinner so you can tell

and how do I make you bad, just tell me what courses through your little makeshift parts and how do I make amends, just tell me what forces are pulling you backwards, it’s better we adjust them